Parry Carry's APISTwitch Authorization

Fun - Fiora Laurent

Fiora once said, "An end to your cruelty."


I long for a worthy opponent.
Strength and grace, beauty in the blade!
Always two steps ahead.
By my honor, you must die!
They will fall by my blade.

How do you wield such a clumsy weapon?
They don't stand a chance.
I best my enemies in a flurry of steel.
A duelist is poised, composed, precise.
Save your words. We speak with blades.
The outcome was obvious.
What is strength without style?
The Laurent name... is a heavy burden.
I need only one to win.
She can. She's not impressed.
Good grief.
I have no equal.
Death by a thousand cuts.
Strike without worry!
Counter and strike!
Your move.
This will be quick.
Just the way I like it.
Nothing to hold me back.
Let them eat swords.
I never hold back.
For the honor of House Laurent!
I will cut you down.
En garde!
Try me!
Precision and grace.
Sharp blade, sharp mind.
Is this supposed to be a challenge?
I have no time for fools.
Ugh, such unrefined style.
Useless bird.
Queens bleed just like peasants.
The stories were better.
Send the army next time, general.
He had fans?!
Squish goes the spider.
Arrogant to the end.
Truly... a tragedy.
So much for your justice.
Poor little pony.
Nothing but cheap toys and tricks.
Finally peace and quiet.
Put vengeance to rest.
Meditate on that.
A brief dance.
What a pity.
All flash, no substance.
Balance that.
No. More. Mushrooms.
An end to your cruelty.
The bigger they are...
What a bloody mess.
A master, but still not enough.
Back to your shadows.
Protect... House... Laurent...
Everything I've worked for...
A foolish decision.
I will cut down the opposition!
We lost focus.
Learn, change, reengage!
We will regain what we have lost.
As I expected.
They were no match.
Another victory for House Laurent!